Natalie Orenchuk-Tomiuk Msw. Rsw.Bsw.B.A  416-480-2150 / 647-201-2150

Individual,Child, Teen, Marital, Family Therapies

 LD Adhd , Gifted , School Placements, Anxiety, depression, stress etc.

Treatment , Consultations , Presentations

Building Strengths and Satisfaction - Resolving Conflicts in Relationships and Creating Empowerment

Conflicts in Parenting, Marital breakdown, Child and Teen behaviours and ADULT stress and career issues requires specialized expertise, knowledge and skills.Natalie has decades of clinical and supervisory experience, extensive knowledge and research expertise. She has been able to help children and teens find focus, achievement and happiness, couples have achieved marital bliss and strong supportive relationships, parents have gained strong and effective skills and communication , adults have replaced stress, depression and anxiety with joyful life satisfaction.

Natalie recommends that before you make any major life changing plans that you seek consultation. She can be reached at 416-480-2150 /647-2101-2150 or

Natalie has extensive experience with Special needs children, teens and adults involving Gifted , Learning Disabilities, ADD/ ADHD , Aspergers and high-functioning autism . Special needs requires specific interventions and supports  or these can lead to other difficulties such as depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, school and sport underperformance  and in adults marital breakdown, parenting conflicts and depression or rage.
Todays' special needs Adults require skills in dealing with demanding, stressful environments that can leave them unmotivated and depleted. Natalie has developed expertise in guiding women and men to engaging and fulfilling lives full of joy and contentment regardless of their live circumstances. Natalie is also available for organizational  presentations on topics of parenting, marriage, life enhancement skills, empowerment for women, ethical leadership and many other issues.

NEW - TUTORING NOW AVAILABLE  FOR CHILDREN/ TEENS  grades JK to 12 -Regular and  GIFTED . LD , ADHD  All subjects ie Math , reading , writing , homework help . Also test prep ie .SSAT etc.

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